The best kind of warm summer

  • Published August 18th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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Summer has flown by and I feel like I am already looking back wondering where it has gone.  It has been such a pleasure celebrating the season with families and capturing the utter love, joy, and uniqueness that defines the relationships and personalities that we treasure most! 






With a few more weeks to go until summer winds down and fall is upon us, I wanted to thank all of my families for filling the sizzling summer with the kind of warmth that makes those hot days amazing!





Here's to all those dads!


To all those dads out there who bring smiles to our faces, wipe away our tears, wrestle with us, cradle us, and so much more. 

Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for all that you do.





It is always a privilege to be a part of special events and milestones in families’ lives. From the precious moments of pregnancy to the celebrations of birthdays, I am always honored to capture such fleeting yet important times. These periods seem like bookends, and yet when capturing multi-generational portraits, it is so clear how fluid life is and how much of a legacy our parents and grandparents leave in us and in our children and our children’s children. 



Thank you to all of my families for inviting me into your lives to help you capture these most meaningful of moments and experiences. I am always moved by the love and unique personalities that flow during each portrait session and am forever grateful to be a part of it all!




Spring is in Motion

  • Published April 26th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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It seems as if spring suddenly landed upon us overnight. After last week's rainy days and some unexpected warm and sunny weather, the flowers are starting to burst forth -- not just those wonderful and determined tulips and daffodils. The studio's garden is coming to life with magnolia buds in blossom, the dogwood flowers beginning to spread their petals, and even the azalea ready to burst forth any day now. The birds are as happy as we are -- chirping as if to voice those cheery thoughts that are spinning around in my head too.

April showers....bring May flowers.

Is your garden coming to life? What have you seen around your favorite parks and gardens during these weeks? Please share your favorite spring experience here or send a message to us at the studio -- we would love to know what you most enjoy about this beautiful time of year as life comes back after winter.

Happy Spring, everyone!


Quarterly Reflections

  • Published March 25th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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As the months whiz past, I cannot believe that the first quarter is drawing to a close and that spring is officially upon us – despite snow and cool temps. We are busily booking sessions for April, May, June, and even July in anticipation of warmer days, greener pastures, and blooming flowers.
Of course, this winter has offered some wonderful portrait opportunities here at the studio, on-location at clients’ homes, and even outdoors! Working with big kids, little kids, and kids about to be. Each session is such a joy. I have the enormous pleasure of being a part of such important events and times: the engagement, maternity, milestone birthdays, first steps and more!
Just a few weeks ago I also had the honor of launching what I hope will be a long-term partnership with my former high school, The Berkeley Carroll School, here in Brooklyn. I literally grew up at BCS – entering days after achieving potty training and leaving after I received my diploma at our 12th grade graduation ceremony held at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (where I was also married and am now a trained volunteer Garden Guide). I was honored to be a part of the BCS auction, preparing a custom video featuring fine art portraits of the children and teachers making up this dynamic educational environment. We also launched a new fundraising initiative selling gift cards to the studio and donating all proceeds to BCS. In a single night we raised $1,200 to support my high school alma mater. We were thrilled!
I am so grateful to be invited into the lives of the families with whom I work and to be an active part of my community. It’s all those nice “warm and fuzzy” feelings that keep me warm through these last wintery feeling days!


Celebrating Connections

  • Published February 14th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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Whether or not we celebrate Valentine's Day, it is still worthwhile to reflect on those special connections that make up life's most precious moments.

Today -- and everyday -- those connections and moments define my life and my work.  I am so grateful to my friends, family, and community at Virginia L. S. Freire Photography for the thousands of expressions of love that give life its meaning and for inviting me to bear witness to and photograph those relationships.


Happy Valentine's Day to you and to yours.

Let the thaw begin

  • Published February 10th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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Valentine's day hasn't even landed upon us and it has been one tough winter.  But, in the midst of a chaotic weekend of travel dramas delaying a long overdue family visit, I was reminded that the snow and ice do thaw.  Upon heading out to the car one brisk Saturday morning the last weekend in January, it had been so cold the night before that there were crystals of snow clinging to the window. 

The temperature was frigid and yet I had barely opened the door when those tiny crystals began to thaw into little water droplets warmed by the sun fighting its way through the brisk winter air.  It was a welcome reminder that spring will be here soon.


The mountains of snow have already begun to dissipate -- though I suspect there is more to come before the winter is over.  So until spring is upon us with snowdrops and other early blossoms, I hope we can all enjoy the serene beauty that winter landscapes offer despite the bite in the air.