Rainbow Fever in February

  • Published January 11th, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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This February 15th & 17th
it’s Rainbow Fever at Virginia L. S. Freire Photography.
Your special session fee
includes a complete 30-minute fine art portrait experience.
Two days only!  Space is limited!
Call 917-669-3711 today to reserve your place and to schedule your consultation appointment.
BONUS:  First five bookings also receive a 4x5 complimentary fine art desk portrait.

What color is your love? 

Celebrate Valentine’s day with red, green, blue, orange … you name it! 
Dress your little one in any color under the rainbow and make this February brighter, happier, and lots more fun!
Call 917-669-3711 today to make your appointment!

$500 & Thousands of Smiles for The Brooklyn Hospital Center

  • Published December 22nd, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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This October Virginia L. S. Freire Photography launched our first Fall Family Portrait Day in support of the The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s youngest patients.  The Brooklyn Hospital Center is Brooklyn’s oldest hospital and each year treats more than 30,000 children from our community (www.tbh.org).

Thank you for all of your support and for helping us make this first year such a success!  This holiday season, we are thrilled to donate $500 to TBHC’s Pediatrics division. We were so moved to receive such a positive and enthusiastic response to this inaugural charity event from all of you who comprise our Virginia L. S. Freire Photography family.  Thank you.

Couldn’t make this year’s event?  Mark your calendar for October 2011 – should we open the charity event for the entire month of October? Please let us know what you think by sharing your comment below or send us an email at studio@virginiafreire.com!


Milestone Magic

  • Published October 20th, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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It is always a great pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to photograph a child during his or her first months and to return again – camera in tow – at the conclusion of their first year of life. 

Last fall, I photographed Sabrina at three months, just as she was starting to hold her head up high, laughing and smiling in response to those closest to her, and already exhibiting those earliest expressions of her unique personality. During this session, I captured the above image one of my favorites that illustrated to me the independence, determination, and personality that can come through so early in life.
One year later, Katie and Dan welcomed me into their family again to photograph their beautiful little girl, this time walking, running, smiling and more. Her personality has evolved, along with her rippling laughter, unstoppable energy, and shining spirit. Her loving parents have empowered her to become a happy and confident explorer. 
To me, the first year session is a celebration of arrival and completion – even with so much more of life stretching out ahead. It is such a wonder to witness how a child develops in that initial year of life and to see the independence and confidence that begins to emerge at such an early age.
Happy birthday, Sabrina! And my thanks to all three of you – and Callie too – for inviting me along to share in your journey.


Family Portrait Day Brings Smiles to Children

  • Published October 5th, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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On Saturday, October 16, team up with Virginia L. S. Freire Photography to make a difference and bring smiles to the children of The Brooklyn Hospital Center with our Fall Family Portrait Day.

Call 917-669-3711 today to reserve your fine art portrait session and raise important funds to provide much needed and valued books, toys, and resources to The Brooklyn Hospital Center's youngest patients bravely fighting diseases like cancer and sickle cell anemia.

The Brooklyn Hospital Center is our borough’s oldest hospital, with its first brick laid in Fort Green in 1851.  More than 150 years later, the hospital’s skilled and sensitive staff continue to care for more than 30,000 children annually, including those most in need.
Support The Brooklyn Hospital Center and celebrate your family in portraiture just in time for the holidays!

Visit our special blog page to learn more or call the studio today (917-669-3711) to reserve your session at Fall Family Portrait Day!

Schedule your Fall Family Portrait Day Session and we will donate 100% of your session fee directly to The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

You will also receive a complimentary 5x7 fine art desk portrait as our thank you for your support.

For each client who invests in a Premier Portrait Collection, Virginia L. S. Freire Photography will donate a portrait experience and fine art 11x14 Standout Wall Portrait to one of The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s most deserving families.

*****  Fall refreshments will be served.  We plan to deliver fun for everyone!  *****
See you at the studio on October 16, 2010!


We're Not in Kansas Anymore

  • Published September 17th, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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Yesterday evening, as people were starting to flow from their offices to make their way home, a raging storm let loose in New York. The system had already made its way across the US and left plenty of damage in its wake, but it is always surprising when such dramatic weather unfurls in the midst of concrete, steel, and traffic lights.



We were at a reception for the official launch of Brooklyn Community Services’ new logo and name (more on that soon). Looking out the door you could barely see across the street. The sky was an eerie color and rain was coming down in sheets – sometimes vertical but mostly horizontal.



Even more startling than the storm itself – we were under cover after all – was the walk home. Nature is mighty. Branches lined the streets. Multiple sidewalks were impassable. And whole trees were down – roots and all – one landing on top of an unfortunate car parked in the wrong location. I went out to scope the damage in our neighborhood this morning.  Strangely, it was sunny, warm, and peaceful. A stark contrast to the destruction and debris littering the streets.




I don’t know yet whether we were just subject to the worst violent thunderstorm I have ever seen or if they have confirmed that tornadoes tore through. To my uneducated eye, the damage looked like something more than mere, wind, thunder and lightning. And the news was showing snapshots of what could have been funnel clouds. Regardless of how this is ultimately defined, there is nothing like being reminded of how powerful nature truly is and that Mother Nature’s rage can hit anywhere – Kansas or New York.



Summer Flashback

  • Published September 2nd, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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Labor day is behind us and I realize that life has been so busy this summer I haven’t had the opportunity to post the images from our adventure to Nebraska in July. When we first went to Norfolk, NE last January, we weren’t exactly sure what we had gotten ourselves into. But it turns out it was the start of a wonderful friendship with Marathon Press and their terrific staff. And we really love it there. Having visited in the middle of winter and the middle of summer, we have experienced both extremes and still came away impressed by how beautiful the state is and how lovely the people are.


On our way to Norfolk this trip, we visited two towns. The first, Scribner, you can see from the highway. We were drawn in by the Scribner Bank and walked the length of town to the next corner where we came upon the “Bar Room.” I loved how the entrance was right on the corner making the establishment seem all the more inviting and expansive, somehow watching over Main Street. I am sure we did not blend, nevertheless, the local folks warmly and graciously waved to us as they passed by. We eagerly waved back.
Next stop was the town of Snyder. One of my great friends is from Lincoln, NE and her last name is Snyder. She told us how she used to come to that neck of the woods to visit her grandmother and remembered a special little ice cream store. The town was pretty sleepy as we made our way through. We stopped to note historical and modern day landmarks: Town Hall built in 1903 and the Mancave, which we presume is more contemporary despite the building in which it is housed. Both buildings have wonderful character and tell their own unique stories about this community.
As we headed out of town, we stopped to look back at where we had been. The Snyder water tower stood high, supported by rows and rows of corn reaching towards the sky. 
It was another wonderful trip and too short. We could have spent hours photographing the rolling and green landscape upon our return, but we were in a hurry to make our flight. The fields wooshed by outside our window, a heavenly blur of emerald. Till next time Nebraska!

COMING SOON: Labor Day family session in the Hamptons and Brooklyn Community Services "We are BCS" rebranding shoot.  Stay tuned....


Natural Embrace

  • Published August 27th, 2010 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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After much scouting through the spring, I discovered one of Queens’ many natural treasures, Kissena Park. It seemed like the perfect place for the Mehta & Shah Family Portrait this summer. Kissena is warm, natural, open, and beautiful, just like the Mehta and Shah family.

Working with the Mehtas and Shahs, I was struck and very moved by how much kindness, love, and respect they show each other. When we first started planning for the session, we discussed how important it was to capture the strong core of their family and to reflect their deep personal connections. As the family snuggled together under its wide and encompassing branches, it was as if this lovely venerable tree was embracing the entire group as they wrapped their arms around one another. 
Caring, strong, loving, supportive – everything about their session and the resulting portraits seemed so perfectly defined by the unique bonds of this family and our experience in this natural oasis in the middle of Queens.
Thank you to the Mehta and Shah family for sharing your warmth with me and for inviting me to be a part of this magical family and experience.


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Kamini Shah  commented on  September 1st, 2010

Virginia has a very special gift. She has an eye for turning simple moments into beautiful creations. When I first viewed the slideshow she had created, I could not believe the emotions it had genuinely evoked. I wanted to hold onto every minute of the preciousness the images had captured. I truly found the entire experience to be fantastic and I wish for others to share and enjoy her wonderful talent.