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  • Published December 1st, 2011 by Virginia L. S. Freire
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We hope you will enjoy reading past issues of our quarterly newsletter, StudioNews.  In addition to sharing updates about the studio, when we can we try to share some useful tips with our community including everything from photography tips and how to choose a camera to financial planning wisdom! 

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To view past issues, click on the months below:


September 2014 - StudioNews: Fall Portraits and Holiday Times

March 2014 - StudioNews: When You Smiles the Whole World Smiles

December 2013 - StudioNews:  A Holiday Note

June 2013 - StudioNews:  Smiles....From My Camera to Yours

March 2013 -  StudioNews: Feels Good to Do Good

September 2012 - StudioNews: Portraits for a Cause, Studio Sprucing, & Milestones

May 2012 - StudioNews: Back to Making Magic

Community News May 2012 - Support Prospect Park and Its Children's Spaces

Mother's Day 2012 - Celebrating Mother's Day All Month Long!

December 2011 - StudioNews: Big Changes and New Beginnings

September 2011 - StudioNews: Growing Bellies, Family Portrait Month, Financial Planning

June 2011 - StudioNews: Spring Wrap-up, Photo Tips & One Lemon

March 2011 - First Quarterly StudioNews! - Charity Events & Choosing a Camera

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